Sankalp Se Siddhi Programme (attainment through resolve) scheme is a five year plan (2017-2022) of new India movement which would take place under the vision of our beloved Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is aimed at Good Governance.

The Sankalp se Siddhi scheme under which our Hon’ble Prime Minister drew the attention of the citizens of India to the urgent need to reform and transform India through a common resolve for positive transformation.

The New India Movement 2017-2022 envisages India free from poverty, corruption, terrorism, communalism, casteism and unites the entire country by adopting good governance and using technology.

The clean India objective of Sankalp se Siddhi five year programme, the major initiatives and drive taken by government is actually aimed at improving overall health of the poor community people of the country.  As in the todays scenario, the health priorities are changing and there is a growing burden on account of non-communicable diseases and some infectious diseases. There is a growing incidence of catastrophic expenditure due to health care costs which are presently estimated to be one of the major contributors to poverty. Keeping in mind this increasing & growing issues related to health the new National Health Policy has been brought by my government after lapse of 14 years.

My Government under the guidance of our PM Hon’ble Narendra Ji Modi brought Jan-Aushdhi Scheme under which the medicine has made affordable and quality medicine a reality in India. Under this scheme the generic medicine would be made available at lesser price than the market price and the people could have access to expensive drugs at discounted price. The Government directed in the states to open Jan Aushadi shops in the District Civil Hospitals and even more throughout the country to offer the services of cheaper and quality medicine at affordable price.

India first time hosted International Association for Adolescent Health (IAAH) 11th World Congress on Adolescent Health between 27 October and 29 October 2017. India is having the largest number of Adolescent population in the world. Every fifth Adolescent in the world is from India and every second Adolescent is being Asian. This time apart from the routine discussion, India deliberated and focused on contraception, brain imaging and consent for medical treatment apart from the general themes. This event and the discussion topics were meant to find out the better ways to treat the leading causes of deaths among adolescents together with self-harm, interpersonal violence, communicable diseases and teenage pregnancy and to reduce the mortality rate of adolescents’ death per year.

India has been chosen for this special event on adolescents because of the changing policies favorable to adolescents under my Government with the special guidance of our Hon’ble PM and Hon’ble Minister for Health.

My Government is dedicated for the health of the common man and hence the Government has established new additional AIIMS in the country offering affordable medical treatment with latest facilities & digital technology for the poor families.

I take the opportunity through Healthy India Chronicle and request the entire civilian of the country to strengthen the government motives and schemes and for New India pledge – “Come, let us together pledge for building a new India by 2022, at the 75th Anniversary of Independent India, a clean India, a Poverty-free India, a Corruption free India, a Terrorism-free India, a Communalism-free India and a Casteism-free India”.


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