FSSAI releases unified regulation on “Organic Foods” during Organic World Congress


Launch of a unified logo with the tagline “Jaivik Bharat”

New Delhi, Nov 09, 2017: In the spirit of ‘One Nation, One Food law’, FSSAI released a unified regulation on “Organic Foods” today in the Organic World Congress. As a symbol of authenticity and trust, a common logo for “Organic Foods” was also unveiled before representatives from 110 countries with more than 3,000 delegates and farmer/ producer organizations from different parts of the world, along with several other dignitaries.

Hon’ble Minister for Agriculture & Farmers’ Welfare, Shri. Radha Mohan Singh formally launched the Food Safety and Standards (Organic Foods) Regulations 2017, along with the ‘Jaivik Bharat’ Logo and “Indian Organic Integrity Database Portal” during the 19th Organic World Congress. The portal would help consumers verify the authenticity of organic foods. The Indian Organic Integrity Database Portal is jointly developed by FSSAI along with APEDA and PGS-India. Through this Portal, the consumers can access all information with respect to the producer, the certification system and the availability of certified organic products. The portal can be accessed at www.jaivikbharat.fssai.gov.in.

TheFood Safety and Standards (Organic Foods) Regulations 2017 covers under its ambit twoexisting systems of Organic certification -National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP) of APEDA, Department of Commerce and Participatory Guarantee System for India (PGS-India) of Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. Theregulation also provides for recognition of other certification systems in the future.

FSSAI is mandated to regulate organic food in the country under the provisions of Section 22 of the Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006. The current Regulation is notified under this provision. FSSAI had initiated the development of this regulation about a year ago, through extensive consultations with various stakeholders including related ministries, agencies, NGOs, farmer organizations etc. After which, draft regulation was notified seeking comments from stakeholders and only after taking all inputs into consideration, the current regulation was put together.

Under the Food Safety and Standards (Organic Foods) Regulations, 2017, any foods offered or promoted for sale as Organic Foods are required to comply with all the requirements of NPOP or PGS-India or any other certification system that may be approved by FSSAI in future. However, direct sales of organic food by small farmers, producer or producer organization to the end-consumer is exempt from this requirement. Allorganic foods under theregulation have to comply with other Regulations of FSSAI as applicable.

Currently, both systems in operation have separate logos, which would be integrated into a single unified logo for organic food in due course. The unified logo is an identity mark to distinguish organic products from non-organic ones, supported with the tagline “Jaivik Bharat” at the bottom, for easy identification of Organic Food from India. Effectively intertwining elements of the environment, the logo communicates adherence to the National Organic Standards.

A workshop to sensitize the Accredited Certification Bodies(CBs) under NPOP was organized by FSSAI on 8th November, 2017. This initiative was appreciated by CBs and it was assured that they are fully prepared for increased load of work which is likely to come with the notification of the Food Safety and Standards (Organic Foods) Regulations, 2017.

The 19th Organic World Congress received a stellar participation including Shri. Surya Pratap Shahi, Hon’ble Minister for Agriculture, Uttar Pradesh; and Mr. Andre Leu, President IFOAM – Organics International. The event also showcased the Life Time Award Ceremony for Shri. Pawan Chamling, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Sikkim for his efforts to promote Organic Farming across the nation.


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